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Postpartum Girdle Shapewear


We hate to jump on the post-pregnancy horror bandwagon but, yes, your body does change after having a baby. Not only does your expanding tummy now take its sweet, sweet time to recede, but you’re also left with flab, bulges and pouches that no one ever told you would stay. Mix in lack of sleep, no time to shower and the odd stretch mark and it’s no wonder learning to love our body once again is such hard work! 

But it CAN be done! And it’s not just because we’re about to talk about the wonders of postpartum and maternity shapewear. Just watching the numbers on that scale go down as soon as you give birth can be exhilarating, breastfeeding burns a ton of calories and, most importantly, having a kid is AWESOME. Trust us on this one!

So what about postpartum shapewear? Is it really necessary?

Why would someone even need shapewear when they just created a baby from scratch? Shouldn’t we get a break from looking flawless THIS ONE TIME? (The answer is YES!)

However, post-birth shapewear isn’t about looking better - after birth is when shapewear actually becomes the MOST functional. It’s not about looking good; it’s about feeling comfortable. How? Well, here are a couple of benefits wearing post-pregnancy shapewear provides:

  • Post maternity shapewear helps aid your body in returning to its pre-pregnancy glory, softly guiding it towards where it should recede. You’ll appreciate the extra abdominal support! 
  • Shapewear can also help you feel more comfortable during your first postpartum weeks, when everything seems to be dangly and achy and out-of-place. Containing this feeling can also help you feel more centered during this critical time. 
  • Got a C-section? Shapewear helps create a buffer between your stitches and your regular clothes, so you can focus on what’s really important (your new baby!) instead of what’s not (your C-section scar). 
  • Postpartum shapewear can also help you regain your pre-pregnancy posture, acting as a soft reminder to broaden your shoulders, sit up straight and put your proud mamma face on! 
  • Still got some aches and pains on your back? Don’t fret - it’s normal! This is clearly linked to the changes in posture that occured during your pregnancy. Wearing shapewear can help ease back pain, or remind you to stand up straight! 
  • And, of course, if shapewear was a godsend for bloaty days pre-pregnancy, imagine how much confidence it’ll give you post-pregnancy! If you need to be out and about (or are returning to work), wearing shapewear after pregnancy can help you feel more confident and prepared during these uncertain but magical times. 

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