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Lux Lashes


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Are the eyelashes you're wearing fake and unnatural looking? 

3D Vegan Friendly Lashes with the luxurious length and volume, will bring you the most natural look ever! 

Designed to flatter, Lux Lashes will ensure you are in the spotlight... all of the time!

  • Lux Lashes can be applied instantly 
  • Feather light, natural looking with dramatic volume
  • Newly launched technology ensures your Lash sits exquisitely
  • Secure enough to be used every day
  • Styles for daily, nightly & special occasions

These individual lashes are subtle, yet striking. Add a sweep of red lippy and go from day to night in a flash; simply add more layers or longer lashes to reach your perfect level of subtly or drama.

Make your Peepers POP - NOW!

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