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Invisible Acne Remover


If you've dealt with acne before, somebody (or some company) has probably offered you the skin-care equivalent of "magic beans" before: an affordable acne solution that zaps away blemishes overnight. That means that every cursed pimple that shows up right before a big interview, night out, first nerve-racking date, or big beach vacation could be dealt with, damage blessedly erased, before it could really make any difference.

Well now, our Invisible Acne Remover is an oval shaped, highly adhesive acne patch suitable for covering several adjacent acne spots at once. They soothe and calm inflammation in acne by absorbing acne secretions effectively.

The easy to use, transparent ultra-thin design will leave you looking your absolute best, for any occasion.

Fast Acting, Fast Healting and perfect for Daily Use.

Package list:
1 * Package of Acne Patches

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