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InGrown Toenail Corrector (10PCS)


Get rid of your toenail pain due to ingrown using our inGrown Toenail Corrector Tool. This is a simple home remedy care solution to correct your big toenail. 

  • Prevents the nail treated with the toenail correction tool from ingrowing again.
  • 10Pcs ingrown toenail correction elastic patches, easy and durable for a long time use.
  • A tiny band that gets rid of ingrown toenails by correcting excessive nail curvature.
  • Fast cure, remove ingrown toenail pain in 1-3 days.
  • Suitable for both professional use and home use.

Q: What is inGrown Corrector Toenail Treatment?

A: It’s a thin, flexible, composite toenail strip that you bond to your toenail. The ingrown toenail strip reduces the curve of your toenail. This treatment is known medically as orthonyxia. 


Q: How does it treat ingrown toenails?

A: The toe nail strip is straight and flexible like a spring. When it's bonded to the curved surface of your toenail it applies a gentle force that straightens the nail. The toenail strip gradually lifts each side of the nail reducing its pressure against the skin. When pressure from the side of the nail is reduced, ingrown toenail pain is eliminated. 


Q: Will it treat MY ingrown toenail?

A: Yes. Unless your toenail is thickened from years of toenail fungus or injury inGrown Corrector will provide you with lasting (permanent for some with proper foot care) ingrown toenail relief and dramatically improve the appearance of your toes. Very thick toenails are resistant to the corrective force of the toe nail strip.


Q: How long does treatment take?

A: Users have reduced pain in the first few days. The toenail will be less curved and pain-free in the first week. Chronic ingrown toenail sufferers should apply a new toenail strip monthly for one complete regrowth of the toenail while for others just 1-2 treatments are enough. Each ingrown toenail kit has 10 toenail strips.


Q: Is it a permanent solution for ingrown toenails?

A: Yes. Studies show that following our plan and properly caring for your toenails after treatment prevents ingrown toenails from returning for 92% of users. Proper toenail trimming and wearing shoes that allow enough room for your toes will help prevent recurrence.


Q: Does it require special care?

A: No. You can go about your normal activities within a few minutes of applying the ingrown toe nail strip. Showering and swimming are fine. Women can apply nail polish over the strip if they like but because the strip is thin and transparent, no one will see it. We do recommend that you discontinue soaking your feet if you've been doing this to relieve ingrown toenail pain.


Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes. This treatment is medically known as Orthonyxia or toenail bracing and practiced worldwide by physicians and nail professionals. There's no cutting, drugs or toxic chemicals involved. Just a tiny strip that gently trains your toenail to grow correctly. The strip can be removed anytime.

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